Citrusy Shrimp Panzella

I have not had a lot of time to cook new things lately, but we did order a Hellofresh box full of new recipes. One of the ones I cooked was this Shimp Panzanella. I had never had a bread salad before, but as a carb lover I was excited to try it. This ended up being a super easy meal to make. I just had to cut up some tomatoes and mozzarella and tear the lettuce and the bread into bite sized pieces. The shrimp was easy to season and in a few minutes, it was cooked and ready for the salad! I loved the flavor of this salad, especially the tomato mozzarella combination. However, the texture was a bit odd. Eating bread with shrimp was a strange mix to have in a salad. I would have preferred crispy croutons much more. It was worth a try, but I will probably not make this one again. It’s not that we did not like it, it was just a bit too weird for us to ever imagine us wanting to make it.


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