Nancy’s Graduation

I cannot believe my little sister graduated from college! It feels like yesterday we were just moving her into the freshman dormitory. College really does go fast and I am glad I got to be a part of Nancy’s college experience.My family and Andrew all went to the ceremony. Andrew and I had been only been apart of the graduate part before so it was interesting to experience it from the stands. The graduates definitely have a more comfortable spot! The speeches and what not were pretty similar to what they said at ours. Seeing Nan walk across the stage was so exciting though and I was very happy to be there for her. Afterwards we got pictures and then the fun stared. Nancy wanted to go to Florida Beer Company up in Port Canaveral to celebrate with some delicious brews.Our friend Eryk joined us too. The four of us were great friends throughout college so it was great that we could be together from beginning to the end of it. And we all are still in the area so we still get to hang out!

After that we went to dinner at Rusty’s, a seafood place on the dock. I forgot to take any pictures. We had been getting a little crazy at this point! We had some yummy oysters and fish tacos and sandwiches that tasted fresh off the boat.
I am so proud of my sister for all her hard work in obtaining her degree while also being an RA and doing two internships during it! She has a great resume now and I look forward to seeing all the great things she does with it. I hope she is happy with her choice of going to FIT because I have loved having her here!

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