Grand Floridian Fun

In addition to all the graduation excitement, our family friends are also in town and staying at the Grand Floridian. Though this is one of the few Disney hotels I have yet to stay it, it is a favorite of mine and I love exploring its beautiful grounds. We went there the night before graduation for a celebratory meal.There are quite a few restaurants there, but this evening our restaurant of choice was the Grand Floridian Cafe. I have been here a few times and not been disappointed. In the past I have enjoyed the Lobster burger and the Pumpkin Seed Crusted Fish. This time, Andrew and I split the burger and the Shrimp and Grits. We were sad to find out that they were now putting a lot less lobster on the burger then they used to. The flavors were still great, but we missed the giant piece of tail meat. The shrimp and grits were amazing though, probably the best i have had! They had the perfect amount of cheesy and spicy flavor.We of course had to go on a spin on the monorail after dinner and stop by Basin to sample their fancy hand scrub.

We came back to visit our friends on Sunday for Mother’s Day. We decided to go for a southern style breakfast at Trail’s End. This ended up being perfect as they now had brunch so not only did we get some eggs, potatoes and lox on a bagel, but they also had amazing fried chicken and other lunch options! There were so many good options and we were happy we got the chance to see the scenic Fort Wilderness Campground.

We then spent the day relaxing pool side at the Grand Floridian. Our friends were staying in the DVC rooms so we got to see inside that new building. i am obsessed with all the Mary Poppins details. The fountain was just too cute!

Hopefully one day I get to experience this resort as an actual guest, but for now it is fun hanging out there with friends. It is a very luxurious experience with a lot more to do then go in a pool and eat. For example they have tea times, as well as an orchestra playing Disney tunes in the lobby. It is really a great resort for people of any age.

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