A Day in Baltimore

The day after the wedding, we decided to go to the inner harbor and look around. There was a big chance of rain so we decided it would be fun to hang out at the aquarium. Before we did that, we walked around the harbor and looked at some of the ships.

We also saw this little lighthouse! It had a museum inside that we could walk around in. It was called Seven Feet Knoll and it used to be in the middle of the ocean, but they moved it here for people to see. It was a really small place that used to hold two lighthouse keepers. Apparently a lot of them would bring their families which was a big issue. I cannot imagine being stuck in there with multiple people surrounded by water! We enjoyed looking around and seeing the nice view of the city.We then went to lunch at Miss Rosie’s cafe. It was a cute brunch place that had all sorts of options. We had to get as much crab as possible this trip so we got the crab po’boy. The meat was so succulent and delicious! The rest of the sandwich wasn’t that special, but we just wanted the crab meat! The grits on the side were also very tasty and very cheesy so we loved those.
After that it was time for the Baltimore Aquarium. This was definitely the best aquarium I had been too. It had so many exhibits, of fish, but also other kinds of animals. The entry way had an awesome coral reef with fish, sharks and rays swimming in it.

From there we went to other exhibits, such as the reptiles like this turtle. They had lots of cool species of fish in their own tanks, and also lobsters and other sea life.

They also had this awesome rain forest section. There were all sorts of beautiful birds flying around and some animals in the water areas.

I loved that this aquarium had a nice lighted area. It can be difficult to hang out in the dark all day, so this was a nice break. Although it was just as humid as the rain forest!

We also saw the dolphin show. I could not get a good picture but they jumped very high! I have mixed feelings about dolphins in aquariums after the reading the book Voices in the Ocean because I know it is hard for them to live a full life there. This aquarium breeds dolphins and does not take them from the wild, so they were not captured in a cruel way, but I believe their quality of life is a lot less then it should be. On the other hand I do love to see them and their amazing abilities, so I feel bad enjoying the exhibits. This one was not heavy on dolphins having to perform and they are able to learn a lot about dolphins by having them here, so it seems that this is humane for the most part. I do prefer seeing dolphins in the wild where they are meant to be though!

The last exhibit we checked out was an Australian one which had many reptiles and amphibians, in addition to the cool simulated environment room.

We were sad when we had to head to the airport, but happy we got a full day with friends seeing something new. It was a fun way to wrap up the Memorial Day weekend, and we cannot wait to be back up in the Mid-Atlantic area to see hem again and explore some more.

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