Blizzard Beach and Disney Springs

This past weekend, I did something at Disney that I have not done in over a decade. We visited Blizzard Beach! We only went to the water parks on one family trip because we usually went in February when it was a bit too chilly. However one year we went in April and tried out both. I remembered being enamored with the tropical vibes of Typhoon Lagoon and being put off by the fake snow and Christmas feel of Blizzard Beach. Since then, I have only visited my beloved Typhoon Lagoon. However, with our water parks annual pass ending, we decided to give the other a try and we really enjoyed
We got there right at opening and got pretty good seats in the shade. It was a hot one, so this was a relief. We ended up going on all the rides except for the Summit Plummit. None of us are that into those type of rides so we gladly skipped waiting in that long line. We also didn’t get to use the ski lifts unfortunately since they kept breaking. But we had a great day even though the atmosphere still felt out of place. We really enjoyed the rides where you went down on a mat on your stomach. They were quite fast and thrilling.

From there, we went to the Disney Springs to see the new town center. They had opened a few fun food kiosks that we wanted to try. We decided to go to the poutine booth first as we heard they had some great flavors.We ended up loving it! I had the mushroom in gruyere which was so savory and delicious. Andrew and Nancy had the Latin poutine with the yucca, black beans, which was amazing. Both dishes were so unique and the toppings went very well together. The small bowls of poutine were so filling as well! We ended up being too full to try other snacks.

However, we could not resist the sake slushies at Yesake. These were hands down the best alcoholic slushies I have had! We got the bourbon slush which was a mix of sake and Jim Bean along with iced tea and citrus flavors. It was so tasty, but very strong too. So it was definitely a good value.

We saved barely enough room for Sprinkles cupcake, but we had to try it. There was a bit of a line, but enjoyed our slushies while waiting.

Nancy and I got the sprinkle ones which are like funfetti. They were so sugary and the frosting melted in your mouth. It was such a good treat and much better than the average gourmet cupcake. Andrew got the salted caramel which was also sweet and tasty.

We still have so many things we want to try at the Disney Springs so it seems like we will have to keep going back. The new Homecoming Florida restaurant sounds right up my alley, and I cannot miss out on Aristocrepes. We will definitely be back again soon.

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