Sanaa Review

While visiting Disney World in June, I went to Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the third time. I figured I should finally review it! I love this restaurant and want to share all the great aspects of it.
First, the view is amazing! I do not know of anywhere else where you can see giraffes while you are dining. They put the giraffes food in the trees so they are usually eating and in perfect sight while you are as well! There are also lots of other animals including tall birds that come right up to the window.
A visit to Sanaa is not complete without the bread service! This comes with a price unfortunately, but it is so worth it. The Naan bread is so tasty and all the sauces are delightful. The spicy ones are my favorite, although I love the cucumber sauce to cool off after them as well!
This time I finally got the entrees that most people get here. They have an option where you pick two meat and sauce combos and basamati rice. I got the butter chicken and the spicy Durban shrimp. You mix the rice around in both sauces usually. The sauces were very flavorful and the meat was tender. I am not a huge gravy person so that’s why I had not gotten this in the past, but after trying Andrews last time, I decided to get it. I have had the chicken dish in the past which was very spicy and delicious. I have also had the Peri Peri chicken sandwich, but I found that to be a bit bland especially compared to Peri Peri chicken I have had before. Plus with the bread service, you are too full to eat bread for a sandwich! I would recommend getting this entree the first time as they have 8 different meat or veggie options and they are the best representation of African cuisine. My only complaint about this restaurant is it seems to get less and less spicy every visit. I am not sure if they are trying to appeal to a wider guest audience, but it would be nice if they still kept some spicier options, especially for dipping the bread. This restaurant is a bit exotic by Disney standards, but it is an excellent choice to visit and really adds to the Animal Kingdom experience.

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