Freedom 5k with my Dad

On the fourth of July, we woke up early to run a 5k in the beautiful cool NH weather. I was very excited, this was the first time I ran one with my Dad! We love running together, so it was extra motivation to do a race together.
This ended up being my fastest ever! I finished in 27 minutes and 55 seconds. I was not used to the hilly terrain, and I had to start walking after powering up one, but I still finished running and was happy with my time! My dad and I both finished 4th in our age groups and Andrew finished first in his as usual! He ran ahead of us during the race.
We spent the rest of the Fourth of July relaxing with my family and of course my cute westie Roxy. My dad made my favorite meal fajitas and we loved being in non-humid weather for a change! We could not believe how fast this trip flew by. Going to the airport was such a bummer, but as usual we are grateful for the time we do get!

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