Ogunquit Beach, ME

While I was back in New England, we had to visit my favorite beach growing up. My family always went to Ogunquit, Maine a few times a summer. This is a pristine beach, complete with gorgeous cliffs that give it the picturesque Maine look. I really should have taken more pictures as it is quite a sight.
The coolest part about this beach (though slightly inconvenient) is the tide changes. At high tide the water is practically up to the rocks. There is an inlet side which had a bit more room for people to sit by and wait out the tide, but it gets crowded! Then at low tide, the water goes so far out. The inlet water moves very quickly out to sea and you can even ride it back like a not so lazy river. I have yet to find a beach as unique as this one, and I truly enjoy going here whenever I am home for the summer. However, I no longer go in the water. The temperature was 58 degrees! I am way too adjusted to Florida to swim in that anymore. We had fun hanging out all day with friends, playing bacci and eating my dads delicious big sandwich. It consists of 6 different deli meats and an olive tapenade! I was so happy to get some of my favorite things from home while I was there.

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