Nancy’s Visit to Melbourne

Nancy and her roommate got to visit us for a beach day so we took advantage of the beautiful sunny day. We started the day relaxing in the sun. Nancy’s roommate Montanna had never seen the Atlantic ocean before so we were excited to experience it with her for the first time. It was much warmer then the Pacific waters she had been in!

The sun was not too bad at the beginning of the day, but after a few hours we were all crouching under the umbrella! We also played a little Pokemon Go. We jumped on the band wagon and tried out this game. It is a fun dose of nostalgia as I used to have the Game Boy games. For lunch, we went to the little beach shack down the road for some brisket sandwiches. It was good, but not nearly as up t the barbeque quality that Andrew used to get.

When we went back to the beach we were in for a surprise. Our neighbor had found a baby turtle on the beach! Apparently birds had been trying to grab it and he saved the little guy. He was a but injured, but he made it to the water. It as a cool experience, but I would love to see some turtles hatch one day.

The water was so warm! We could have stayed in it all day. Of course the sun was burning us though so eventually we had to leave the beach. We decided to check out the new brewery Hell n’ Blazes. in Downtown Melbourne.

This brewery was awesome! It had a south western theme complete with real wood tables and a fancy ceiling. They are also very dog friendly and we saw a few pups there enjoying water and treats! The beer was unique and very tasty. We got flights of course and liked trying many flavors. The Don’t Leave Me, Amber was a delicious amber beer that we loved because of its fruity and caramel taste. The Orange Blossom Honey Wheat was also a refreshing favorite. We were happy we tried a lot and look forward to seeing what new flavors they will have. After our brewery experience we went to Mustard’s Last Stand for a hot dog. It felt like a perfect summer day and we were sad to see Nancy and Montanna go.


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