Magic Kingdom in July

We had a pretty busy weekend and spent a lot of time out in the hot sun. There is just so much to do that we could not help it. We started off the weekend by seeing Nancy at Disney World. It was so hot that we did not even mind getting wet on Splash Mountain.

We ended up walking by the castle show after that and watched some of it. It was really cute! We loved Louis the alligator’s part from the Princess and the Frog. The frozen part was a little over done as usual.

We went on space mountain and the carousel of progress and then needed a snack so we trekked all the way back to adventure land for some refreshing dole whip. Andrew got the float which was a nice change, and I stuck with the classic soft serve.

We realized Nancy had never seen the country bears so we decided she had to see it. It was so hilarious! Andrew and I have only seen it a couple times and we can’t believe all the raunchy stuff they get away with. It is very odd for a Disney attraction but I am glad they have kept it around for laughs.

We also spent the day mildly amused at all the Pokemon in the park and took funny pictures of them. Nancy made fun of us for playing but we are not above a nostalgic video game, especially one that puts Pokemon into your pictures!

After that, we went saw Philharmagic. It seemed like we were the only people in the theater who had seen it before-everyone else was laughing and clapping and so surprised by the 3D. That is a rarity and it made the experience better for us as well. We were even emotional by the end. That is one 3D show I never tire of. After that we went to dinner at Kona Cafe which I wrote a review post about.


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