The Pharmacy Orlando

Though I do not call myself a hipster, I have really embraced their food and drink culture. It seems everywhere bars with specialty drinks in mason jars and craft beer are popping up along with eateries that have every imaginable topping. Along with this, speakeasies are becoming a popular style of bar, and visiting one really adds some fun to your bar going experience. Andrew and I went to one in Knoxville, and loved it. Once we heard a speakeasy called The Pharmacy had opened in Orlando we had to go!

Everyone online said it would be very easy to find. They clearly have better searching skills than me because it took us a solid 10 minutes to find it. The outside is an elevator door and when you press the button it leads to a dark and sophisticated restaurant. We went on a Thursday night when my sister was off of work and it was not very crowded so we got a table quickly.

They had some fun “House Rules” on the menu to play off the prohibition era theme. Some might find the speakeasy bit cheesy, but we enjoyed the fun theming and played along. We all got fancy drinks served in unique bottles that looked like they would be used to mix serums I got the Blonde Donkey which we decided was the best. It was a mix of tequila and whiskey and it was mixed with lime juice so it was sort of a whiskey sour/margarita mix. Andrew got the Pharmacy Manhattan which he liked but it was a bit too sweet. Nancy got the Blonde Manhattan, but found it extremely strong. These are definitely sipping drinks and did not always go well with the food. I did find myself wanting a more refreshing drink at times. They were very strong though, so that does justify the high price of drinks more.

We decided to share a few different things. We started with corn fritters and a salsa verde sauce. It was a great appetizer-crunchy, flavorful and not too filling.

Then we split the Portuguese Chorizo Pizza. This was one of the best artisan pizzas I have ad. I loved the wild mushrooms and chorizo and the egg on top made this dish even more savory. Their was also some chilli oil which added a nice kick. It was an excellent flavor combination.

Lastly, we ordered the Mac and Cheese which was very similar to the pizza in that it had wild mushrooms and an egg and top. Luckily we love these flavors so it was not a problem for us. The mac and cheese was cooked to perfection and we finished every bite even though we were pretty full! This was definitely a guilty pleasure meal.

We were way too full for dessert so we left and hung out by the fountain chatting until it got dark. This was a very fun spot for people watching and the weather was very nice for a summer night. We really enjoyed the meal. The menu changes a bit, so we might have to try something new next time. I think in the future we will mainly get drinks here though, as it is a bit expensive for the full experience. It is a great option for a fun night in Orlando though that is not theme park orientated.

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