Lunch at Olé Fire and Grill

This new Mexican place opened up in Downtown Melbourne and Andrew and I have been wanting to try it. It turned out to be excellent and is a welcome addition to our little dining and shopping section of town.
Before, the only Mexican restaurants we had were chains or bland ones that serve mainly smothered enchiladas and what not. This one is a lot more fresh-mex, where it takes a lot of classics and puts a spin on them. It also has an excellent tequila bar which will be fun for going out!
The drinks we got were refreshing and the perfect mix of tequila and citrus. Andrew got an Ole Fashioned which was an old fashioned with tequila and it was a great twist. I got a citrusy cucumber drink with tequila. It was so refreshing, a perfect drink for a hot summer day.
The tacos we got were also amazing. We got tuna tacos and shaved beef ones. We were glad we got two different kinds so we could try them both. The tuna was perfectly seared on the outside and the pineapple added a delicious citrus flavor with each bite. The beef tacos were spicy from the jalapeno and the queso fresco was a subtle but necessary touch of cheese. We could have eaten so many of these! The sides chips and salsa were a nice touch as well. The best part about this restaurant and bar is that it is open all night and even has a taco window. This could get dangerous after a night of going out!

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