Kona Cafe Review

I have been going to this restaurant in the Polynesian resort for as long as I can remember, so I decided to post about it! Kona Cafe is inside Grand Ceremonial House at the Disney Polynesian Village Resort and has many aspects that make you feel like you are in the South Tropics. I would estimate I go to this restaurant at least once a year, and though the menu is always changing, the food is always delicious. One part I hope they never change is the pineapple bread with the macadamia nut butter! That is the best way to start a meal.
This past month, Andrew, Nancy and I went for sushi, which prompted me to write this post. we got the Tuna Tataki, above, and the Kamikaze roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll, below. Everything was fresh and tasty, as usual. I decided to go back through my pictures and see what i have gotten there before, but only found sushi pictures, so apparently that is my go to! I also love the Pan Asian Noodles, which are very similar to the noodles served at Ohana, another restaurant in the resort.

They have made a lot of changes to the menu and it appears they are getting healthier, as well as more exotic. The fried coconut chicken has been replaced with a Taal Chicken which has flavors of curry and cumin. I applaud Disney for doing this, as I enjoy getting unique options at the many restaurants there. The Kona Coffee Rubbed Pork Chop sounds like what I will get next time! If I can resist the sushi that is.

This is a restaurant that I think will always be around, and I am glad as we have many family memories here! We went here on Andrew’s 20th birthday, and on countless family vacations. I especially remember my brother devouring countless pot stickers here-they are his meal of choice! It is usually easy to get a reservation here, as Ohana is the big hit for this resort. Through the years we have found Ohana to be a bit overpriced for what it is, so it is good to have Kona as a back up for a low key meal.

 It is important to note that they are also open for breakfast, and you can get the delicious Tonga Toast or Macadamia Nut Pancakes then. They apparently are not striving for healthier breakfast options! However, if you go for breakfast, you will miss out on the delicious sushi. It is definitely a great Disney spot if you are into tropical cuisine.

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