Wedding Cake Tasting

We are currently in the process of picking a bakery to make our wedding cake! In order to do this, we have had to do a lot of taste testing. The first place we went, Sunshine Cakes, has been the best so far. They gave us seven different flavors to try as you can see in the picture. They had so many great options like a sweet salted caramel and an indulgent dark chocolate and peanut butter, however if we choose this baker we decided to go with Champagne flavored cake and strawberry frosting! It was a light airy texture with some sweetness and we think it will be perfect.
The cake design will be a lot like this one, with the stripes and anchor on the bottom, but probably a cake topper instead of flowers on top. We love the look but right now this would be so expensive so we are shopping around to see if we can get a cheaper price. We tried Publix but there cake was very average grocery store cake and the cake decorator was not very agreeable. We could pretty much only choose from a few design options there and none that we particularly liked. I will update the blog is we find a more affordable bakery to go with, but right now it looks like Sunshine Cakes if our choice!

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