Martha’s Vineyard

I have been meaning to post a trip report of my family’s day trip to Martha’ Vineyard, but we did so much and I did not have time to write it all. Well better late than never! I started it with a picture of us at The Oak Bluff Ferry drop off however we actually took a detour to get here…we had just missed the boat to Oak Bluffs and had to go to Vineyard Haven instead and then taxi to Oak Bluffs. So it was a bit of a hassle but we still got there before noon.
After looking around for a bit, we decided on lunch at Lobsterville. This was an excellent little seafood spot with a view of the gorgeous bay. I had to get a lobster dish of course so I got the lobster grilled cheese and it was delicious! Shockingly though my dads salmon BLT was even better. Regardless, this was an excellent seafood spot.Β 
We then walked around the shops and got a few souvenirs until we came upon the best shop of all-Vineyard Vines! We ended up going to both this store and the Edgartown one that day and couldn’t help but peruse and take tons of pictures in both. My parents commented that I had finally made the pilgrimage to the Martha’s Vineyard Vineyard Vines.

Then we took a walking tour of the gingerbread houses. They were so cute! We loved all the different colors and the intricate details. We also saw a westie at one so that was exciting since they are our favorite breed of dog.

We then took the scenic route to the lighthouse on Telegraph Hill. We walked along the water and Andrew and I found a nice little rocky cove. We walked down there and took in the beauty of the area and skipped a few stones as well. The water was surprisingly warm, I was surprised since Maine water is freezing!We ended up seeing two lighthouses this day as well. Honestly, they weren’t that special but we got some nice pictures. They charge you if you want to climb up one and see the view, but we needed breaks from walking so we just looked at them. After seeing the one in Oak Bluffs, we took a taxi to Edgartown and got dropped off right near another so we walked by and then spent some more time hanging out on the beach.After this we explored Edgartown and found it to be very enjoyable. There were a lot of cool shops and outdoor places. We also got to see a lot of nice sailboats including one with an American flag sail! We also went to Mad Martha’s for ice cream but they were kind of rude so I would not recommend it.Andrew was dying to check out the brewery so we went to Bad Martha’s (not to be confused with Mad Marthas) for a few flights. It was an excellent brewery! The best part were the homemade pretzel sticks that were flavored to one of their types of beer. It was such a nice spot to hang out in on a summer night. I would definitely go here frequently if I ever stayed on the island! From here we took a taxi back to Oak Bluffs and though I do not have any pictures, our night did not end. We got pizza for dinner and donuts for dessert. Back Door Donuts was pretty delicious and we were lucky to get there just before the line started. We took the ferry back at the end of the night and then had to drive home. It was an exhausting day but we loved every minute of it. Day trips like this make me miss New England, but I don’t think I could ever go back to the cold! I found Martha’s Vineyard to be very doable for a day trip, so even though many people stay there for a week or so, it was worth a ferry ride if you are short on time.


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