Where to Eat in Miami

I have to say, all the food we had in Miami was delicious! It was expensive too, but worth every penny. I’ll start by talking about our little happy hour dinner at Cecconni’s in Miami Beach. This was a fancy Italian restaurant. However, we had had a late brunch so we just came for some snacks.

To drink, I got the Ciao Bella, which was gin, prosecco, grapefruit juice and apricot liquor. Andrew got the Ron Old Fashioned which was an Old Fashion with rum instead of whiskey. They were both smooth and not too sweet. We shared a small pizza with buffalo mozzarella which is amazing as always.

Then we got carpaccio which I had never had before! It is thinly sliced raw beef and there was a salad in the middle and lots of Parmesan. This was to die for! I had no idea how delicious raw beef could be. We loved the elegance of this place and maybe one day will go back for a fancy dinner.

The next morning we went to Taquiza, which was a little taco stand. They had a breakfast menu that we really wanted to try. It ended up being so of the best Mexican food we have ever had.

We remembered loving Chilaquiles at the Epcot food and wine festival so we get that to share and it was a million times better! The tortilla strips were perfectly crispy, the pulled port was tender and flavorful, and the cheese and hot peppers were an excellent combination. It was very filling too so we were pleased!

Then we got to deconstructed tacos which you out a scrambled egg and pepper mixture and refried beans into. These were also super tasty and I am usually not a big corn tortilla fan. Everything was obviously made to order and tasted so fresh and authentic. We were so glad we found this place!

Later that day we tried something that we have been wanting to for a while-sushi burritos! This was the delicious combination of wrapping rice, raw fish and other ingredients with seaweed. We are so sad they don’t have any near us because they were amazing! Above is the  Salmon Rai-Hai, which is salmon, avocado, crispy salmon skin, cream cheese and pickled cucumbers. It had such a tasty flavor and we loved the contrasting occasionally crunch.

The other roll we shared was the Mt. Fuji which was tuna, avacado, won’t on crisps, picked cucumber and caviar. This too was perfection and tasted fresh and delicious. We didn’t get sauce on any of these, but we were happy with doing that because they were messy enough. They also come with a side of wonton chips which was a nice addition. The burritos were the true stars though, and we loved every bite! It was a great culinary end to our trip which was full of new delicious food. I always like trying new things when visiting a different place and this trip is the perfect example of that.

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