Food and Wine Festival 2016


Another year, another amazing Food and Wine Festival at Epcot! My family has made it a tradition to visit Epcot every fall and enjoy all the fun festivities surrounding the festival. I assure you, this is an event every Disney World fan needs to attend.

We started our day at the Islands of the Caribbean booth. I love looking at all the plants and decorations they add to liven up the booths, like this little pineapple! Disney really does get the details right.

I had the seared grouper with pigeon peas, rice and a coconut sauce. The dish had excellent flavor and I especially liked the coconut sauce. It tasted like a tropical dish. I tried some of my sister’s Mojo pork and that was delicious too! I think the grouper is the more unique choice of the two as you can get carnitas rice and beans anymore and it will taste similarly. We were happy with our choices and off to a great start!

As we headed into the UK, we stopped and got some smoked salmon on a potato pancake with herbed cream cheese. This one had a lot going for it however it was difficult to eat. The potato and salmon were hard to cut together so it ended up being a more deconstructed snack. This was not a favorite, but there is nothing wrong with fresh smoked salmon!

We skipped France and headed to my favorite booth-Brazil! I have had this crispy pork belly three years in a row now and it does not get old! The pork belly is cooked perfectly and it goes great with the seasoned black beans and veggies. I find this one very filling too so it a great value!

At Poland, I decided to get the kielbasa and potato pierogi. This was a filling snack but not my favorite option. It is a simplistic meal that tastes good, but is nothing special. If you love pierogies, you may want to stop here, otherwise I would not bother.

We went back towards future world for some rides and stopped for a refreshing treat on the way. At the Chocolate Studio, I had the Liquid Nitro Chocolate Almond Truffle with Warm Whiskey Caramel. This was very interesting. I loved the taste but the truffle was very hard to break apart. I ended up with a bunch of large pieces that froze my mouth! I am not sure the best way to go about eating it, but it is worth trying for a unique dessert.

Later, we came back for more treats! I had to stop in Hawaii and grab a tuna poke with seaweed salad. This is a small portion, but the Ahi Tuna is worth it and it is a great chance to try seaweed salad. I had never had it until two years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I like seaweed. The pulled pork and pineapple slider is a great option here for less adventurous eaters as well.

We headed over to the craft beer section to get some flights! We were saddened by the lack of flights at this year’s festival. In 2015, there were flights of wine, beer, and liquor and we enjoyed trying a variety of flavors. This year, there were significantly less. This was a shame for us as we are much less likely to purchase a full sized beverage. The craft beer had some great local options for a flight though. My favorite was Two Henrys Blueberry Vanilla American Wheat Ale, but I love fruity beers! I was happy to see a space coast brewery, Florida Beer Company, as part of the flight!

Finally, we had to end due to fullness, but we still went out on a high note.We each got a Smoked Beef Brisket and Pimento Cheese Served on Griddled Garlic Toast. The brisket was very tender and I loved how it went with the pimento cheese and toast. However, it did not live up to brisket burnt ends with the white cheddar fondue at the Flower and Garden festival. That cannot be topped! We were very satisfied with everything we tried and really enjoyed strolling through Epcot together while trying new food.

This is just a sample of items at the Food and Wine Festival. I hope you enjoyed reading about our experience. I highly recommend looking at the menus before you go yourself and determining what items are your high priorities. There are a few blogs that review every item and these can be helpful to look through and get an idea on the items. EasyWDW always puts together a great review. It might seem crazy to do so much research for snacking around a theme park, but the experience can often add up to the price of a meal at a fancy restaurant! Whether you go to experience the park and just happen to try a few samples or you make a day out of it like we did, it will be an enjoyable experience for sure.

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