Ghostly Gecko 5K

I completed another local 5K, and this was my fastest and most fun one yet. It was the Ghostly Gecko 5K, a Halloween race where costumes were strongly encouraged. I decided to go as an Ewok from Star Wars. I had seen this cute shirt before with an ewok hood so I decided to get it and a brown sparkly running skirt to wear. I wish I had gotten some mittens or some orange socks to go along, but I was happy I had an easy costume to run in.

This run was right along the river, which led for some nice views and a cool breeze. We saw this boat stuck on the shore before the race. We had just gone through a hurricane and there were a lot of boats around that did not make it through the storm!

I had a very fun time running this race. My time was 27 minutes and 2 seconds which was my best yet! I do not know if it was the weather that helped my time or I was too focused on looking at all the fun costumes to get tired. Regardless, it was a great run!

This race and making some pineapple Jack O’Lanterns were the main ways we celebrated Halloween this year. We do not get a lot of trick or treaters, but we had fun making the pineapples for ourselves and taking pictures of them at the beach. Carving a pineapple turned out to be not too difficult, although there is a lot less space to carve on one!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite race costume is. I have seen so many good ones at the runDisney events!

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