Boating and Brews in St. Pete

We spent the weekend in the Tampa area visiting a friend. The weather was beautiful and we got to try lots of new things! We started out at Urban Brew and BBQ for lunch.

This was a great spot. We loved the outdoor biergarten and the selection of brews. The menu was a lot more adventurous than most BBQ restaurants. They had lots of different things to try including including a sweet potato soufflé, spice rubbed brussels sprouts, and pork belly. We got a few sides to go with our brisket and we thought it was very well executed barbeque.

After that, it was time to go boating! Our friend took us on his boat for the day and we had a great time traveling to a sandbar and hanging out. I will say the clear gulf water was beautiful! We found lots of sand dollars and shells. It is a lot different from what we are used to on the east coast with all the waves!I loved getting out on the water and seeing a whole new side of Florida. We are glad we can visit our friend Sean anytime and continue to explore the area.The next day we tried Top Golf and that was such a fun experience! I really wish they would build one in Melbourne, but for now all I can hope is that the Orlando one opens soon. It is basically a driving range that has targets on it. There are a bunch of games, each with different goals involving the targets. Not only was it fun, but I felt like it improved my aim! They also had a full food and drink menu so you could spend a lot of time there.After this, we went to New World Brewery. This was not actually brewery, but it had a large beer selection (like most restaurants in St. Pete). We again loved the outdoor seating area and the laid back feel.We shared a pulled pork BBQ pizza and tried some coffee stouts. The pizza was thin crust and very crispy, which we like a lot.This place seemed like a hit with the locals! They had a brunch special and a raffle going on and they were giving away a lot with it. We got to keep these mugs and won a pint glass too. They have fun trivia nights and stuff like that going on a lot. This would be a favorite of ours if we lived in the area! We headed back to Melbourne after lunch, but we can’t wait to go back and see more of the gulf coast.


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