Five Favorites – Disney Springs Eats


If you have not checked out Disney Springs lately, I would highly recommend doing so! Since changing from Downtown Disney to the Disney Springs, this area has expanded to include tons of unique dining options and all the shopping you could imagine. I have been working on checking out all the new options, but for now I will post my five favorite places to grab a bite.img_9726My number one favorite has to be the BOATHOUSE. It is a theme that I adore (boats, seafood, waterfront views!) and has the menu and even a cute store to complete it. I have been here many time and have loved both the seafood and steak options. Most recently Andrew and I went and shared the mussels and the chopped salad. Now the mussels were an appetizer portion, but it was massive! I love the broth and the mussels were cooked perfectly. The salad went along with this well and was extremely flavorful with all the different ingredients. I could probably diner here every time and try something new, but sometimes you don’t even need to get food. We love sitting on their porch and just enjoying a drink outside. This place has really added a great atmosphere to Disney Springs. Maybe one day I will finally ride in one of the boats!

img_1811I plan to have a review on Homecoming soon, but had to add it here so I could mention how delicious it is. This is probably some of the best fried chicken I have tasted. It is the perfect mix of tenderness, crisp ones and it isn’t greasy! It does not leave you with that feeling of gluttony and regret that some fried chicken can. The sides are amazing too, I really want to try all of them. This time I had the mashed potatoes which were so cheesy, but I will have to try the mac and cheese soon as well. They also have a great drink selection that is much cheaper than other restaurants and a porch to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere if you like. It really is a southern restaurant with a Florida twist and it will give tourists who don’t have time to leave Disney World a feeling of authenticity.

My next favorite is Splitsville which has always been our go-to before all the other restaurants started opening. We still love it because it has a little bit of everything! The menu is diverse and the atmosphere is fun. We often run here when it is raining and grab a pool table and some appetizers to pass the time until the storm is over. You can also go bowling while you eat which is great for families! I have been meaning to try more things on the menu but almost every time we go, we get sushi! It isย surprisingly good sushi for a bowling alley and they have lots of fun flavor combinations that we cannot resist. We also are obsessed with the nachos. I think it is something about being in a bowling alley but these are not typical nachos! They are fresh and full of tasty toppings. I guarantee anyone would have a fun and delicious time at Splitsville.

Another pre-Disney Springs restaurant we love is Raglan Road. This is an Irish themed restaurant that has a wide variety of classic Irish dishes with a twist. We come to this restaurant for all sorts of situations-apps and drink, a full meal, brunch and even dessert and a night cap! It really works for anything you are in the mood for. We love the shepherd’s pie and the braised beef pictured above. The portions are usually huge so you can share an entree and an appetizer or a side salad between two people if you like.

Last but not least is the amazing new bakery that opened up. Amorette’s Patisserie has one of the best selection of treats I have seen. Their little cakes look amazing and they also have amazing macaron creations like shown above. This is a lime macaroon with a mini key lime pie on top. Then on top of that is some white chocolate surrounding whipped cream and topped with a mini lime macaroon! It does not get more picturesque than this! And it tasted just as good as it looks. I still want to try their truffles and the crepes as well. I am pretty sure we will never tire of going to this place for a dessert.

img_2421There are still so many more amazing restaurants I need to try at the Disney Springs, but for now I guarantee you cannot go wrong with any of these restaurants. Many people do not realize Disney World is more than just an amusement park. With all the food and entertainment options, it really is so much more! And Disney Springs is free for entry, so it is really worth checking out if you are in orlando.


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