Brewery Series: Three Daughters Brewing


We had a fun night at 3 Daughters Brewing during our recent trip to St. Pete. This brewery has so many great things going for it! There were games to play everywhere, live music and of course an excellent beer selection. All the tables were designed to look like board games so you could play right on top of them.

We tried three different options to start. Andrew had the A Wake Coffee Blonde Ale which was both of our favorites of what we tried. Coffee beers tend to be more often stouts so this was unique to us and we loved the flavor. I had the Sternline Oatmeal Stout which was excellent. Oatmeal stouts are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Our friend had the Bimini Twist IPA which was a solid IPA choice. It was a bit light on the hops, but I kind of prefer that.

Thy had some crazy flavors coming up that I wish I could try! I am hoping they are able to distribute more flavors soon. We tend to only see the Beach Blonde, the Red Ale and Bimini Twist in stores. We really enjoy this brewery though and we’re so glad we could not see where their delicious beer is made. The St.Pete/Tampa area has so many cool breweries! It seems like Melbourne’s brewery game is continuing to improve so hopefully we will have lots of options here soon too. 

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