Wedding Favors

We are 2 months away from the wedding and finalizing a lot of the planning stages now. Now lots of little things are left to do, like pick out some wedding favors! We got these tokens to give to our guests. We decided to go with personalized sunglasses since it is an outdoor wedding. We will have the on hand in a basket for people to take if needed and then hand the rest out later. We also got koozies and we are going to fold these into the napkins. This will add a pop of the light green color we are going with to the table along with some pink flowers. The most unique wedding favor we have is homemade soap made by one of our friends! She made these for us as a wedding present. She makes such excellent soap, so I am very excited for all our guests to get some. The soap was made in fish and sea shell molds to go along with our Floridian theme.

We had a pretty easy time getting all of these favors. For sunglasses, we went to They had people who can design whatever you like on the sides. We just opted for the simple name and wedding date, but they have many other options and colors. For koozies, we ordered them from They had so many cute nautical options! There was a large variety of wedding koozies and colors. Both of these websites were very fast and efficient and we had no problems at all. I would recommend going to either!

For the soap, my friend has a simple process for making it. If there is interest, I will learn with her and have a post about how to do it yourself. Comment below if this is something you are interested in! They will make a fun and delightfully smelling favor for all your guests.

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