Eye of the Dragon 10K

I participated in the Eye of the Dragon 10K recently. Why is it called Eye of the Dragon? There used to be a dragon sculpture in the water that was visible from the causeway. ย It was ruined by water damage over a decade ago, but the race still lives on and running it is not a simple task. You have to run up and down the causeway (a tall bridge) and then turn around and do it again! I was confident in my practice in distance but slightly worried on how I would handle the bridge running.

I am pretty impressed with myself for completing my first 10K and coming in second place for my age group. As someone who hated running 2 miles during field hockey practice, this is quite an accomplishment! I fell in love with running 5K’s about a year and a half a go and have been racking up miles ever since. I am now hoping to do a Disney Half Marathon in the next year!My time was an hour and 10 seconds! My goal was to do it in an under an hour, so I wa close, but not there! This was a much slower pace than I run 5K’s but I started out slower than usual to save myself for the causeway. Next year, I will have to push harder in the beginning.ย This race also features a 1 mile run, so participants can choose to run the 10K, the 2 miler or both. If you run both, you get a really cool medal. I thought people were insane for running another 2 miles after doing 6, but after the race, I felt like I could have done it. So my goal is to do both races next year, and then I will be a “Slay the Dragon” Finisher! I am hoping to get some more 5K’s in before the hot summer weather comes.


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