The Festival of Arts at Epcot

IMG_0634The Epcot International Festival of Arts was an exciting new event that occurred during the weekends this past winter. I wanted to give everyone an idea of how awesome it was so they can starts planning for next years visit! This was such a well done event and it added a lot of unique experiences to Epcot. I had a chance to visit with my family one weekend, and we had so much fun checking out all the different forms of art on display throughout the park.img_4286 The paint by numbers canvas was one of these fun experiences that I thought was such a great idea. Each guest if given a foam brush and a small amount of paint and a number that corresponds to the paint color. You just paint a few squares and over the course of the weekend, the painting takes form! Here’s a picture of us taking our painting task very seriosuly. img_4262A not so unique, but still beloved experience during this festival was of course food booths. We had to try them, as we enjoy tasting a variety of snacks when we go to Epcot. I wrote a review of the food options we tried here. However, as opposed to the Food and Wine Festival where the main attraction is eating and drinking, this festival had lots of cool things to stop and do along the way. There were multiple photo spots where you could be in a famous work of art. We got a little out of hand trying to impersonate The Scream.IMG_4207The amount of talent at this festival really blew me away. I could not believe this woman’s ability to make such amazing images out of chalk! We watched her work for so long, so entranced at seeing her technique. Another highlight were the shows put on by Broadway performers at The American Adventure. We saw two actors from The Lion King singing a variety of Disney songs live and it was some of the best performances we have seen at Disney World. Like many people, I am so excited that this festival will be back at Epcot next year and I highly recommend making the trip. The park was alive with talent and we got to enjoy so many surprising creations throughout the day, from beautiful food, impressive art and even live statue performances!


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