Adventure HQ

If you haven’t noticed by now, Melbourne is a town with a very active community. From yoga to water sports, I can always find fun things to do while breaking a sweat. However a place that features one of the funnest and most unique fitness experiences just opened. It is called Adventure HQ and it is a huge entertainment facility that features rock climbing, an escape room and most excitingly, a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course.
We decided to try it out for a couple hours and we had a blast. We’ve seen shows like American Ninja Warrior on TV and always thought it would be cool to try an obstacle course like that, so we were thrilled when we found out we could! We went to that section of the Adventure Zone first thing.There are three different obstacle course, each with three challenges. Each challenge varies in difficulty. We found that most people would be able to do a couple of the challenges, but the rest of them were pretty difficult! We enjoyed trying out different parts of it and watching each other either succeed or wipe out. They have a very soft landing area so there is nothing to worry about when you fall off an obstacle (and you will!) The more upper body strength you have, the better you will be at this course. Our arms were sore for almost a week afterward- it really is a workout!After forty or so minutes of the Ninja course, we decided to try some rock climbing before we got too tired. The rock climbing area looks a bit childish, but it is fun for everyone! Kids will probably fare better here though than the obstacle course, as height helps with the obstacles. We found the rock walls to have an assortment of difficulties, including many with fun games that were really unique for a climbing experience. We also enjoyed testing our fear of heights on this fun walk on top of buildings. It gets pretty scary looking down from the top!We were pretty sore by the end of the two hours, so we will have to try the bouldering area another day. We did not get bored at all during the course of our visit and are already planning going back. The two hour pass is about $20 so it is a pretty affordable experience as well for what you get! We can’t believe such a cool experience had come to Melbourne. Between this and the beaches, it is really becoming worth of a day trip or two from Orlando tourists.


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