Make Your Own Poke Bowls

Living in Florida means we are always craving fresh, no-cook meals to beat the heat. Poke bowls are the perfect answer, as there are a million ways to customize them, so dinner never gets old! This trend started in Hawaii, but has spread all over the country, or at least places with fresh Ahi Tuna. Here are a few of my favorite combinations. The base of the meal is usually rice though you could use noodles or even lettuce depending on your preference. We usually use brown rice, but forbidden rice is a great way to switch it up. You also need to get sushi-grade ahi tuna and make sure to keep it cold during transport and eat it the day you buy it. We like to marinate the tuna in a mix of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and sriracha. IMG_4613You can customize your bowl even further with the toppings. Our go-to toppings are seaweed salad and avocado to give the bowl and acidic crunch and then some savory creaminess. You can easily add these too ingredients a spritz of lime and sesame seeds and calm it a day.If you want to have a more Hawaiian style bowl, you can add pineapple, which really compliments the tuna. Jalapeno can be a great way to spice it up as well if you prefer that too sriracha. There are so many other toppings though from sprouts to carrots to ginger. I get many ideas for poke bowls online, often by seeing what restaurants offer. If you love sushi, this can be an affordable at home option that doesn’t require all the rolling and special rice cooking that sushi does. And if you have leftover rice, this meal could be made in minutes. Let me know if you have any poke bowl combination ideas and I will try them out next time!


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