Disney Springs Snacking

IMG_6386In the midst of home renovations, we took a break and went to Disney Springs for the evening for some snacking and shopping. We love the convenience of quick parking and so many food and drink options there and find it winning out over dinner at the resorts or parks very frequently. First stop was Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar for some refreshments.I got the Hovito Mojito and loved the fresh lime juice and the fun glass it came in. Andrew got Pancho’s Margarita, which was in a regular glass, but still delicious.IMG_6393We love the Indiana Jones theming of this place as we could spend hours looking at all the decorations. The aviation focus is especially fun. For snacks we got the Air Pirate’s Pretzels, which had “everything bagel” seasoning and were paired with a spicy mustard and a beer fondue. Both dipping sauces were addicting, we kept alternating which sauce to use! We also got the happy hour Belloq’s Bacon Fries, which were very cheesy and savory. This still remains a great spot to sit by the water and relax, although it does often get crowded. If you can’ find a spot here, the BOATHOUSE, is our second choice.Β IMG_6394After some shopping, we were ready for more snacking, so we decided to check out the new Polite Pig. This place was very hyped up before opening, as the owner of it runs a couple beloved Winter Park restaurants. However, most reviewers have found it didn’t live up to the precedent set by those establishments. We decided to try it for ourselves and found it to be pretty good. We do not have a lot of barbecue options in our area, so we were excited to get some coffee rubbed brisket. We found it to be very tasty, especially with the house made barbecue sauce, though the portion size was a bit small. The whiskey-caramel brussel sprouts were a stand out, they tasted like dessert! We also loved the additional craft beer selection to Disney Springs. We got the Lone Palm Golden Ale from a local brewery. We hope this restaurant can figure out how to be more consistent since so many people have not loved here. We always enjoy more barbecue and quick service options, so we are rooting for them.IMG_6398Despite the delicious brussel sprouts, we still had room for dessert. We went over to Sprinkles because we had to try the Casamigos Tequila cupcakes. Casamigos Tequila is a brand created by George Clooney and friends. They set out to find a hangover-free tequila and after having no such luck, they set out to make one themselves! We have tried it before and it is smooth and flavorful. Here is a great article all about it, if you are interested. We loved the drink so we had to have the cupcakes. they were key lime and tequila flavored and tasted like a sweet margarita. We always make sure to check out cupcakes and see if the cupcake of the month is intriguing and we were glad we did this time. As usual, it was another enjoyable night at Disney Springs. Let me know where you like to go when you are snacking around the ‘Springs!


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