Ogunquit Beach 2017

IMG_2622.JPGLast year I visited Ogunquit, Maine and did not manage to take any pictures, so Andrew and I made sure to take plenty this time. Ogunquit is my favorite New England beach and I try and visit every summer. I have been going here my entire life and though I live on the beach in Florida now, this one holds a special place in my heart.

IMG_2633Ogunquit and the whole Kittery, Maine area have a charm of a simpler time. The beach is the main attraction but walking through the adorable Perkins Cove town area just feels like quintessential New England. This town would be the perfect place to get an AirBnb for the week and just relax in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hanging at the beach, walking the Marginal Way or going boating of some type, there are so many ways to enjoy the scenery here.

IMG_2640.JPGSince we only do day trips, I mainly have spent days in Ogunquit on the beach and then hitting When Pigs Fly for dinner or some outlet shopping on the way back. When Pigs Fly is a must-stop, it’s a combination bakery and restaurant. Their fresh baked bread is some of the best I have had, however their restaurant has some inventive and delicious pizzas as well. If you need some jam to go with said bread, the original Stonewall Kitchen is located just down the road, and is a fun stop for trying a variety of tasty condiments and snacks.

IMG_2656.JPGThere is much more to do in this adorable town including catching a play at their famous playhouse or enjoying some fine dining. But to enjoy yourself in this lovely beach town, you really just need a chair and an umbrella. It’s the perfect beach to enjoy the beauties of Maine.Β IMG_2617.JPG


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