The Ultimate Guide to a Free(!!) All-Inclusive Honeymoon in Mexico- Part 2, The Resort

Cancun Honeymoon Guide

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IMG_2034As you can see from Part 1, the Hyatt Ziva Cancun is an enormous and breathtaking resort, and of course the guest rooms live up to this expectation. Every guest room has a balcony, a spacious bathroom with a rainfall shower and a minibar with everything included. We planned on staying in a standard room with points, but after looking through the reviews, I found it would not hurt to ask for an upgrade, especially since we were celebrating our honeymoon. I recommend doing this as we had great results!

IMG_2005Upon check-in, we informed them that it was our honeymoon and we were curious if they had any upgrades available. After searching the system, they found that there was a swim-up suite available in the turquoise tower!!! This did not come free, but we were able to get 7 nights for less than the cost of one night in this suite (~700)! Since it was our honeymoon, we had to go for it and it ended up being extremely worth it. You can still get a stay at this resort completely free through churning and stay in a wonderful room, but i thought this was worth mentioning in case you wanted to make the occasion extra special.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Turquoise Tower is the newer adult-only part of the hotel. The biggest difference was that every room in this tower features an ocean view balcony with a jetted tub. The tower is for adults only and has a special area to check in and out with 24/7 butler service. This was occasionally helpful, but the service was often pretty slow so it was not a huge plus for impatient people like me. They did set up a rose petal filled bubble bath with champagne one night so that was a big perk!

IMG_2330The Turquoise tower guests also have access to the rooftop pool and bar. At first it seemed like they let all adult guests in as they did not check our room key. However, the butlers are pretty vigilant up there and seemed to know who was a guest of the turquoise and who was not and would ask people they did not recognize for their room key. This was one of my favorite perks, as the bar was very generous with top shelf liquor and the views were amazing. One other fun perk was that the elevator went down to the Zen Spa. Anyone staying in the tower could relax in the spa’s tranquil pool area which also had a sauna, steam room and a cold plunge pool if you were up for it! If your party is only adults, this tower has some nice amenities, but you are not missing much by staying in a standard room either.

IMG_6351The only exception to our stay in the swim up suite, was that it would not be ready until the next day, so we would be in a different room the first night and then the swim-up suite the other 6 nights. This was fine with us and we actually enjoyed getting to see the views from the top of the tower on our first night. When we walked into the room, we were blown away by the size and modern design of it. Both rooms we had had 2 king size beds, and yet we still had plenty of room for our luggage and a huge bathroom space. We could not help but sit on the balcony and take in the view of the brilliant blue ocean.

IMG_6116The next day we were moved to our swim-suite and we had our own private pool area just as promised. There are only 8 swim-up suites in the Turquoise Tower so we were feeling pretty lucky. It ended up being the perfect room for a honeymoon. We loved having a pool right outside our room for swimming at anytime. The mini fridge is stocked with drinks and they even put a bottle of your choice of liquor in the room so you can enjoy your own cocktails by your pool. Keep in mind, there are also non-Turquoise Tower Swim-up suites. I would recommend those for families, but not for anyone wanting privacy. They are right on a walking path and not very private. The ones in the tower are on top of the zen spa building so you get an awesome view and lots of privacy. You do share the pool with the 7 other rooms , but they are pretty spaced apart and your section feels very secluded.

IMG_2158The amenities at this resort are perfect for a honeymoon or a fun vacation regardless if you are in the Turquoise Tower or not. Not only is it a great use of points because of the luxurious rooms, but all of your food and drinks are included. Next up, I will give our review of all the restaurants on property. We were pretty impressed at how great they were!


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