Preppy Bridal Accessories

Figuring out wedding accessories was harder than I expected. I wanted subtle, but elegant jewelry that also fit my style. For a necklace, I was thinking the size of a statement necklace would be good with my strapless dress, but there were very few subtle statement necklaces in store. Luckily, my mom came to the …

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Whenever anyone from out of town visits, I always take them to Backwater. This restaurant is the quintessential Florida brunch place. It has an old Florida atmosphere with southern and coastal meals at a decent prices. I prefer to go for lunchtime because the crowds start to die down around noon. If you go before …

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Brewery Series: New Belgium Brewing Company

Our unexpected hurricane escape trip to Knoxville, TN was full of many adventures. The drive there had been horribly long due to traffic and with the storm coming up straight through Atlanta, we decided to go around the storm and drive down the coast. The weather wasn't great their either, but not nearly as windy. …

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